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Re: ThunderCloud(Closed: Nero, Chujitsuna, Daemon)
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Chujtisuna ignored Daemon and put the scroll in his pouch , and weaved a few hand sign. He then put both his hand on the ground and press down. All of a sudden a white gel came out of the ground and jumped on the cell door covering it. The gel then hardened. Chujitsuna pushed the door inward with his index finger the door crumbled.
Chujitsuna smiled at Daemon. "lets go."

The Duma(2) with the bazzoka  yelled out" That is not how the game is played you jerks"
He then fired a shot passing by Nero and aimed for Chujitsuna, and Daemon. The other Duma(1) took that opportunity to flicker behind Nero and sweep kick him off of his feet.
"People tend to take so many things for   granted. That is why I am here to fix that.

Name: Chūjitsuna hito(True Blue)
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