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Name: Handel Strouder
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Bio: His whole life Handel wanted to fight, determined to show the world his power. Handel is unable to use any other jutsu than Taijutsu. his whole life he trained and trained. beating ninja after ninja to prove to his clan that he could become a shinobi. after pushing himself and becoming a genin who could rival the best chunin he himself awaited the chunin exams. a day before the chunin exams he was told that he could not participate due to not being able to do taijutsu. this caused a fracture in Handels mind causing him to lose it and attack everyone around him. after killing twenty chunin and 3 jonin handel ran, abandoning his home.
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Name: Daemon Hatsu
Age: 30
Gender: male

Bio: Daemon is an inventor and weapon specialist. using his intellect he created a series of weapons that could convert jutsu through a weapon form. wanting to test this new weaponry daemon hired rogue ninja to use these weapons to attack the cloud. the cloud traced everything back to Daemon and he was given a ultimatum. create this weaponry for the cloud or rot in jail.....daemon now resides in the clouds jail.
Personality: Daemon is Rude and does not care to lie about anything.
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