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Title: Darkness Release Version 1
Post by: Sai Sim on July 25, 2013, 07:29:00 pm
name: Dark Chakra Release Version 1
Clan: None, how ever, it is a requirement that you be an Sound ninja, or have a past rooted in Sound, having been experimented on.


Statue Buff

positives effects are not compounding

* The user will have  scarring from the base of the skull to the base of their spine. one protrude portion containing a mysterious black material from which a mix of burn scars and visible veins protrude
+Small amounts of dark chakra are constantly being used to heal minor wounds the user has acquired
+Major wounds on the user's body can be healed with a high level of concentration on the effected area (no fighting, no walking around, very little talking)
+Limb can be re-attached with time, and concentration; however regeneration of anything larger than a finger is impossible; and lose the head, you're dead, no Hidan ****.

!!! Activation will be immediate terminated after the 35th post !!!

* User's gains eyes of a serpent
+ Attack increases by 5
+ Defense increases by 5
+ Speed increase by 10

- User will experience nausea, mild (if any) vomiting, and splitting head aches once use has been deactivated, or the user has made 10 posts

* Bulging veins will begin to appear on the user, as well slightly increased muscle mass
+ Attack increases by 10
+ Defense increases  10
+Speed increases by 15

-User will begin to have muscle strain, making it difficult move efficiently after use.
-If activation exceeds 15 posts, the user with experience internal bleeding, and require medical treatment.

~ 40%
*More muscular features will surface on the user face, as well there will be an significant increase in over all muscle mass, gaining a beastly, disgusting appearance.
+Attack double
+Defense increases by 25
+Speed increases by 20

- User will have difficulty making smooth movements while in this mode, if their normal attack exceeds 20
- User will experience internal bleeding and require medical treatment once use has been deactivated
- If activation exceeds 15 post, the user will be knocked out until they have received medical treatment, or 35 post of been made since the deactivation.
-If activation exceeds 20 post , the user will die.

damage: inflicts more damage to the user as they go on
chakra cost: Alternate resource is used.

(I plan to make something a little more forgiving , and a little more powerful in the future, but nothing too incredibly over powering for a chunin for the time being)