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Re: Hai Gais
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So the idea of a new rp has been tossed around by Zero and me, and I wanted to hear the opinions of everyone else. We seem to have settled on a sort of modern/future half slice of life with something like a slice of madness thrown into it, something like Durarara-ish. No real basis yet, but any thoughts or opinions?
Name: Kenta
Age: 100+ (looks early 20's)
Gender: Male

Bio: This ageless century walker Jinchuriki has watched the world before and after the last great war so long ago. Those he knew, and those hed left, all passed on and into memory. The only thing holding him together, and likely the reason for his longevity, is his connection with the Nibi. Thanks to her, he hasnt changed in over 100 years.
Personality: Easy going drifter with an immortal smile.
Goals: Keep drifting till either he or the world collapses.
Rival: Yuki (Deceased), Ando (Deceased)

Clan: Uchiha


Attack: 75
Defence: 50
Speed: 150
Stamina: 100
Weaponry: 75
Jutsu Strength: 100
Jutsu Control: 100

Equipment: Ebony Katana (black chakra-slash blade)
Nibi Jinchuriki

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