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sunagature kage
« on: July 25, 2013, 07:42:34 pm »
Name: Neko hon
Age: 17
Gender: male
Bio: Baki found you on the streets when you were three months old. There was no clue where your parents were, so Baki took you to the kazekage(the fourth, Gaaraís father) and asked for help. The kazekage decided that Baki needed to take care of you until you were old enough to take care of yourself. But Baki wasnít capable of taking care of you, so when you were five years old, he gave you your own house to live in.( just like naruto when he was young)
You, a five years old boy was taking care of himself, which was very young. i felt rejected by so many people and couldnít handle this feelings. But i kept struggling and were able to handle this situation. One day Baki came up to me and apologized that he couldnít take care of me when i was little. He said he felt sorry but he had other things concerns. i accepted his apologize and moved on. me and Baki separated from each other. Even though i didnít had any adults who took care of me, i was a very sweet boy. You hated people who were unfair and you liked being friends with people. You could get along with people very well and you could make friends very quickly. One day a group medical-nin discovered your special kekkei genkai. You had the ability to make a ball made of water. After creating the water ball you could transform it into ice. When it became an ice ball you could transform it again, but now it would become a lightning ball. Your lightning ball could dazzle your enemy. But you didnít have to transform your water ball into an ice/lightning ball if you didnít want to, because i could keep it a water ball and if i did that, it could drown your enemy. This is a special power i have, people really admire it. Anyways, i stay . You werenít really a talker but nobody mined. Becoming the kazekage by defeating the akatsuki in combat on a early raid in front of garra then later defeating garra after the village tried to murder him after recieving his jinchuriki back defending garra
Personality: shy, smart, freindly
Goals:kill obito uchiha
Rival:no one
Lieutenant: garra

Clan: dosent know
Dōjutsu:kaminari: the ability to take water and lightning style together to make balls of water which shock and hit the enemy also can freeze and melt complete control to make anything

Jutsu: Kaminari-sui style: water shock, water blast, water slicer, water smash, lightning water, complete water, final rain drop

Attack: 50
Speed: 100
Stamina: 60
Jutsu Strength: 80
Jutsu Control: 100

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Re: sunagature kage
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2013, 09:02:37 pm »
Umm I'm not admin, but you should know that this roleplay happens years after the 4th ninja war. So, there is no obito and no gaara. ._.
Name: Dai Lee
Age: Fifteen

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