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Rokien Akasuma
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:04:46 pm »
Name: Rokien Akasuma
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Look: Sasori, but with a happy expression. (Sorry, no pic)
Bio: He was banished by his village at age six and was forced to roam the desert for nine weeks. He collapsed in the hot sand as a figure approached him. This figure was sasori, and after sparing his life, sasori raised the boy as his own, teaching him many forbidden techniques and summonings. After mastering most known earth, fire, and sand techniques, he witnessed sasori's death and swore to slaughter his killer. Upon entrance to the hidden leaf at the age of 18, he was confronted by aubu black-ops and taken into custody. One of the anbu was Riamu Uchiha, who talked him into protecting the village while still doing the bidding of the akatsuki and attempting to master all jutsu.
Personality: happy and determined.
Goals:to master all jutsu
Rival:Riamu Uchiha (friend/ rival)
Village Abandoned: sunagekure (hidden sand)
Reason For Abandonment: banished for first degree murder.
Leader: any current akatsuki leader
Assistance: none
JinchūrikiTarget: jubi of zero tails. (Possible name, Miki)

Clan:Konahagekure (not from birth)
Dōjutsu:Can immediately memorize and duplicate hand signs, with no sharingan.

Jutsu: most earth, sand, fire and puppetry as well as skin and bone to wood, a very slow easy to dodge attack that veins to turn the target into wood. (Requires 84 hand signs)

Weaponry: 50
Jutsu Strength:30
Jutsu Control:30
Chakra:245(same as stats)

Equipment: 10 puppets, all with different skills.

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