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Re: Chujitsuna resting spot
« on: July 28, 2013, 04:05:10 am »
Chujituna enters his room,setting down his pouch on his cot.
He moves toward the one dim candle in the room. The candle color gave off a dark blue, giving the area a haunting look. Chujitsuna picks up the candle, and before going towards his cot he set the candle in the middle of the dark cold floor of the cave. Chujitsuna begins to transcend into his thoughts.
“Why must I suffer.”Chujitsuna lays down on his cot. starring at a bat. The bat flies down, and lands on Chujitsuna legs. Showing no emotion Chujitsuna sits upright,and begins to talk to the bat. “We both are not so different. We can't even enjoy the simple things in life. You  cannot see during the day, and I cannot touch a living thing.
Chujitsuna cracks a smile.
The two stare at each other for one minute. Chujitsuna begins to raise his left hand out toward the bat. The bat begins to sniff his hand.Hope starts to cloud Chujitsuna mind. He slowly pets the bat. “You must be suffering like me. Not being able to see the light.”A sudden squeal comes from the bat. All the hope Chujitsuna had at that moment washed away as the bat lied dead on his lap.
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