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Yin-Yang Jutsu ((If you want, please message me))
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:11:20 pm »
name:Yang Release- Grand Cross Alignment

Clan: No, but must have access to yang chakra.

effect:This is one of Myuki's most powerful moves, he uses the Yang chakra to levitate him up in the air, and just above his head he opens up a series of what appears to be the astrological event. Holding true to its name, it creates several orbs which take on the likeness of the 7 planets. This jutsu is extremely power, not in only in the terms of damage it does, but in the effects as well. The planets are each imbued with a nature transformation, the user possesses, they can be thrown one at a time, or all at once. If thrown all at once the explosion will be great and very vast covering great range. If thrown separately then the jutsu is not as effective. The jutus is still hard to avoid but the chance of evading the initial explosion is greater. One might still be hit by the shockwave but the damage will be greatly lessened. Ths jutsu power is greatly felt as its pure power alone has the ability to invoke the change of color of the sky, and even emit lightning off the planets. It is recommended this jutsu not be used more than 3 times in one day or risk your chakra level being at 0.

damage: Vast(If all are used at the same time, basically unavoidable, being able to turn whole forests down. If used seperately, still vast, but not nearly as powerful.)

chakra cost: 150

Name: Yin-Yang Release Secret Technique: Creation of life

Clan: No, but must have access to yin-yang chakra.

Effect:It is similar to the Sage of Six Path's Creation of All things. The difference between the techinques is that one does not need to possess the Rinnegan to utilize it. However, it takes a lot of chakra and discipline to create what is wanted, and the larger the thing is, the more chakra it takes. This was the most powerful jutsu of the Minatashi Clan, and was prized by both the clan and the people outside of the clan, and as such led to the destruction of the clan.

Damage: None. It is meant to create life, not destroy it.

Chakra cost: Immense. After this is used, the user will have little(almost no) Chakra left.

Name: Yin Release: Mental Fracture

Clan: No, but must have access to Yin Chakra

Effect: After weaving the needed hand signal, the user places their index and middle finger on the target's head and releases Yin Release chakra into it. Shortly afterward, the target has visions of red and black landscapes which flash uncontrollably. All the while, the target is reduced into a violent rage, attacking the user or anything within the immediate area with reckless abandon. This is bad against powerful taijutsu-utilizing opponents. However, against strategic opponents and ninjutsu and genjutsu users, the target is forced to fight like a wild animal and is forced to use only physical strikes. The user can cast this technique upon themselves to render themselves into fighting machines, but is usually a bad idea.
The technique usually wears off in five minutes, after which the target has slight disorientation. It can also be instantly dispelled by using its sister technique, the Yang Release: Calm Mind technique.

Damage: None, but to the mind, great, renders the opponent a fighting machine.

Chakra cost= 50

Name: Yang Release: Calm Mind Technique

Clan: No, but must have access to Yang Chakra

Effect: This is an advanced version of a general mind-cleansing technique warriors use to calm themselves during, before, and after battle. Takeru Higashiyama added his affinity of Yang Release to it to increase its calming effects.
After making the single needed hand seal, the user calms themselves and allows their minds to clear itself of all problems and nervousness. All the while, the user channels Yang Release chakra into their mind and calms themselves further. After a while, the user experiences a heightened sense of judgement, increase in skill, and has a calm attitude towards many situations, similar to reaching enlightenment. This technique can also be used to increase pain tolerance and calm others down with a touch. Unlike its sister technique, the Yin Release: Mental Fracture, this technique remains indefinitely as long as the user has enough mental focus.

It can be used to reverse the effects of the Mental Fracture technique as well, rendering its afflicted victim normal. However, it will not give the target a heightened mental sense either. This mental state can only undone at will or by the Mental Fracture technique.

Damage: None

Chakra cost: 40

Name: Yin-Yang Release: Demonic Illusion

Clan: No, but must have access to Yin-Yang Chakra

Effect: Myuki utilizes this technique by forming the necessary handseals. Once he does this, just by making eye contact, Arata can trap his enemies in a genjutsu which seems real. This technique warps time, making it seem that someone is in this genjutsu for days, when actually, they are only trapped for a few seconds.

Damage: Intense mental damage

Chakra cost: 20

Name: Yin Release: False Hallucinations

Clan: No, but must have access to Yin Chakra

Effect: This technique is one of the most powerful genjutsu, because he has the ability to control people, and Tailed Beast( however controlling Tailed Beast is extremely difficult.). By giving creatures false illusions, So user can manipulate them into doing whatever he wants them to do. However this technique is very chakra consuming, can only technique 4 times a day. However, this technique can hold one person for 3 days continuously, however anymore people can only be held for 3 hours maximum.
Name: Myuki Minatashi


Gender: Male

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