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Yin-Yang Jutsu ((If you want, please message me))
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:15:22 pm »
Name: Yin Release: Departed Soul Rebirth

Clan: No, must have access to Yin Chakra.

Effect: This technique focuses all energy on reviving a single person. It requires that person have died within a certain amount of time, however, it has a broad range of time, (about a month after deceased) not having to ressurect an abundance of people, focusing just on a single individual.
This jutsu requires a massive amount of chakra, and can therefore be only used once per day, after which user is incapacitated for the rest of said day during their first use of it.

Damage: None

Chakra cost: Almost All

Name: Instantaneous Counteraction Seal: Yin-Yang

Clan: NO, but must know necessary hand seals. 

Effect:Seal any Yin-Yang jutsu casted on user. It's part Instant Seal and part Constant Seal, causing it to instantly activate upon each jutsu used against the user, while staying in effect without a time or use limit, protecting the user from all types of Yin-Yang Ninjutsu. It's stated that only a maximum of 3 of these seals can be used simultaneously by any one shinobi, as if anymore are used, the seals could cause deadly effects to the user and possibly their surroundings.

Effect: None

Chakra Cost: 20

Name: Yin-Yang Release: God's Destruction

Clan: No. Must have access to Yin-Yang chakra.

Effect: The user gathers chakra into the hands, which is then converted into a sphere. As soon as it's launched into the air, it creates a giant black explosion that spans a vast distance, destroying everything caught in the blast radius with the user protected in the epicenter. This uses a lot of chakra to peform.

Damage: High

Chakra cost- 100

Name: Yin-Yang Release: Sarutahiko

Clan: No, but must have access to Yin-Yang Release

Effect: User forms the necessary handseals and then, using his Yin Chakra to imagine the the technique, he uses his Yang Chakra to make it reality. This technique allows user to release a black water from his mouth. This technique was created for the Sole purpose of countering the amazing, Amaterasu, and it does so successfully.

Damage: None

Chakra cost: 50
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