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Official Elemental Rasengans
« on: July 24, 2013, 07:49:35 pm »
Since no one seems to have done this yet, I'd like to submit these ideas for the official Elemental Rasengans! xD
Btw, every single element rasengan costs at least 80 chakra. How much multi elemental rasengans cost depends on how the additional elements are added.

Name: [Katon] Chōshinsei - Supernova

Clan: No, you just haveta be a master of both Fire elemental chakra AND the Rasengan.

Effect: Once the target has been hit with the rasengan, it will launch them like usual, but into the air. Once it is a safe distance away from the user, it will collapse in on itself before exploding in a massive explosion that looks like the sun incinerating it's target who is trapped in the center of the intense flames and force of the explosion. At of the jutsu, the victim falls limply from the sky completely covered in sever burns (IF their still alive).

Damage: Sever (If not guaranteed death)

chakra cost: Very High

Name: [Suiton] Dai kōzui - Deluge

Clan: No. Master of Water elemental Chakra and the Rasengan.

Effect: Once the attack is slammed into it's target, it immediately turns into a water tornado right there on impact. The water tornado swirls the victim around at high speeds inside of it causing it to be very difficult for the victim to hold their breath. Even if the victim does not drown, they would still have to maintain a proper posture or they will be torn apart by the whirling tides inside of the highly unstable water tornado. The tornado will also suck in nearby people and objects which adds another danger (even the user must get out of the way). A short time (most likely about 10 seconds or so) after creation, the water tornado will burst dispensing a light shower of water (and possibly blood) on the area as the victim is flung in some random direction. Most likely dead.

Damage: Sever (If not guaranteed death)

Chakra Cost: Very High

Name: [Doton] Chikyū****suryō - Earth Mass

Clan: No. Master of Earth Elemental Chakra and the Rasengan.

Effect: After forming the Rasengan, the user rolls it along the ground like a bowling ball. The rasengan will then tear up the ground and most obstacles sucking them in like a katamari (from the game "Touch My Katamari" or whatever it's called). Once the growing mass reaches it's target, they will be sucked into it and battered and broken mercilessly by the other debris rolling around inside. Once the the rasengan reaches a certain size or hits something especially large, it will explode leaving the battered remains of it's victim in a crater.

Damage: Sever (If not guaranteed death)

Chakra Cost: Very High

Name: [Raiton] Sandā kaminoikari - Wrath of the Thunder God

Clan: No. Master of Lightning Elemental Chakra and the Rasengan

Effect: The user will approach the target/victim at a high speed due to the Lightning Element in the attack and hit the victim with and uppercut-like motion with the rasengan ( the uppercut is required for maximum efficiency). Once struck, the victim is then launched spiraling straight up into the air on a normal, negative lightningbolt as a dark cloud forms around them. Once fully formed at an extremely high height in the air, the cloud will form thousands more negative lightningbolts that will hone in on the numb victim in the center of the cloud striking him/her repeatedly and almost simultainiously. Finally, a positive bolt of lightning summoned by all of the negative lightning will finish the target off striking it from above and instantly striking it back to the ground a safe distance away from the user resulting in a huge explosion and crater (for those of you who know the difference between positive and negative lightning, you know how deadly this is. For those of you who don't look it up. Lol! xD)

Damage: Sever (If not guaranteed death)

Chakra Cost: Very High

I didn't do wind because it has already been done ( [Fuuton] Rasen Shuriken. Lol! xD ). If these are approved then I will work on tag-team combination Rasengans next... if they are possible... >.>

Name: [Fuuton]+[Raiton]+[Suiton]+[Katon]+[Doton] Ultimate Spiral Sphere; Five Point Rasengan

Clan: No, you must be a master of all 5 elemental chakra changes AND the Wakusei Rasengan. However, this jutsu can also be achieved in a joint effort by numerous shinobi that can meet the requirements in a combined effort with precise chakra control and coordination between them.

Effect: The ultimate overkill of a rasengan. First, The wielder of the techinque will form a Wakusei Rasengan with a core large rasengan and 5 normal-sized rasengans orbiting it. Second, The elemental Chakras are injected into the orbiting Rasengans to form the 5 main elemental Rasengans listed above which continue to orbit the larger core rasengan which holds them in place (for the moment). Finally, the user slams the Wakusei Rasengan into the opponent. The target is then bombarded in a typhoon of attacks from all 5 elements (listed below) before the attack explodes in a giant explosion of pure energy. The body of the victim will likely be atomized and a vast crater will be left in the aftermath of the attack. (This is a vague explanation for now. I will update the effects of this attack later once i figure them out.)

This attack also has weaker forms, this is merely the strongest version. There is also the Dual Element Spiral Sphere; 2 Point Rasengan, Triple Element Spiral Sphere; 3 Point Rasengan, and the Quad Element Spiral Sphere; 4 Point Rasengan. All of which can be used to combine the effects of the elemental rasengans above (combo effects listed below).

This specific rasengan can only be used by few due to the conditons for it's use (though tag teams are allowed as long as one of the members of the tag team knows the Wakusei Rasengan) but the same effects can be achieved if multiple elemental rasnegan wielders strike with their rasengans at the same time and/or manage to form 1 rasengan with multiple elements (Such a rasengan will become more and more unstable and unwieldly with each additional element added however). The easiest way to do combo element rasengans would be with at least one Wakusei Rasengan as multiple elemental rasengans can be formed in 1 attack as described above.

Damage: Guaranteed Death and body atomization

Chakra Cost: Extremely High (all of it depending on the person(s) and their level(s))

Element Combo effects (Note: I did not note the effects of any combos with the same element because it's obvious; you get a bigger jutsu of the same element. Other than that, please let me know of any combos I may have missed.):

-[Fuuton]+[Katon] - Must be combined before, or on impact. The "star" and it's supernova get larger. It also becomes immune to a water jutsu counter.

-[Fuuton]+[Doton] - Must be combined before the "shuriken" is used. It becomes a dust element Rasengan which will then act like a normal Rasen Shuriken, except the dust element will allow it to expand in a dome shape that will disintegrate everything caught inside it at an even faster rate than the normal rasen shuriken.

-[Fuuton]+[Raiton] - Must be combined before the "shuriken" is used. If successful, then the Rasen Shuriken will carry a stunning effect along with its normal effects due to the lightning element. This lightning element will cause lightning to jump out and stun nearby enemies making it even harder for them to escape the move as it expands.

-[Fuuton]+[Suiton] - Must be combined before the "shuriken" is used. The rasengan explodes into a huge dome of water with a swirling whirlpool inside sucking the victims in towards it's center. Once there, the pressure and chaos from the wind enhanced waves will likely tear the victim apart if they don't maintain a proper postuer to avoid this. Also, the chakra severing effects of the rasen shuriken will still happen, just on a slightly tamer scale as the water dulls the effects a little.

-[Katon]+[Doton] - The Rasengan becomes a lava element rasengan which must be slammed into the ground. A few seconds later, the ground will begin to glow beneath the opponent and explodes in a huge eruption of lava and rock as a new, small volcano is born.

-[Katon]+[Raiton] - Must be combined before, or on impact. The star carries the lightning element which stuns the victim and helps prevent escape from the jutsu once the victim is caught and electricutes anything too close to the star The star is also super-heated by the lightning creating plasma. After the star travels into the air however, it is struck by a lightning bolt causing it to explode even more violently and send smaller lightning bolts and searing hot plasma flying around to cause more AOE damage to the area below the explosion. Anything flammable below the explosion will likely catch fire from the falling plasma before it cools into lava, and finally, rock.

-[Katon]+[Suiton] - Must be combined before, or on impact. Becomes a steam element rasengan. It forms a tornado just like the water rasengan, but the steam severly burns it's victim and anything else sucked into it. If the victim breaths in the steam, then their lungs burn too and their internal temperature MIGHT just increase enough to make the body spontaneously combust. Once the jutsu ends, the steam tornado disperses dropping it's victim and filling the area with steam making it feel like a sauna until the wind cycles it away. Soon after this though, a natural tornado may be more likely to occur in the area ( rising hot air, falling cool air, etc...).

-[Doton]+[Suiton] - Must be combined before impact and then slammed into the opponent like a normal rasengan. It can no longer be rolled like a bowling ball. Creates a muddy water tornado (no, it does not become wood style because you specifically need the first hokage's genes to do so). The mud makes it heavier and adds a slight crushing effect which makes it even harder for the victim to hold their breath once trapped within the vortex. If the user has the 1st hokage's genes however, then the jutsu must be formed before use and can either be slammed into the ground or into the opponent. Either way, a great, winding swirls around the opponent and crushes them. Then the tree begins to sap the victim's chakra, stamina, and lifeforce returning it to the user to fuel their next attack.

-[Doton]+[Raiton] - Must be combined before the "bowling ball" is thrown. The boulders in the rolling rasengan become magnetically charged along with the stunning effect of the lightning element. This combo allows for the victim to be more efficiently crushed by the jutsu and also makes it so that he/she attracts metalic objects so that they draw in shuriken. This allows for the user to safely fininsh them off from a distance by merely tossing a shuriken in the victim's general direction if they somehow miraculously survived being crushed in a rolling ball of stone death. The shuriken will always be attracted to the victim as long as it is thrown within a certain distance of them, even if it is casually flicked in the opposite direction.

-[Suiton]+[Raiton] - Must be combined before, or on impact. The water tornado becomes electrically charged stunning and electricuting the victim trapped inside. This nearly guarantees drowning as ONLY the TOUGHEST of the TOUGH would be able to endure the pain of the electricution without screaming.

-[Fuuton]+[Katon]+[Suiton] - Must be combined before the "shuriken" is thrown. when the steamy rasen shuriken expands, it boils the victim alive with a hot, steamy upward current of chakra slicing air until it causes a natural, full blown tornado to be formed. The area must be evacuated immediately (if not before the use of the jutsu) if the user does not want friendly fire and other collateral damage. Since it literally creates a full-blown natural tornado, this jutsu is fully capable of destroying villages if used inside one. Escape is nearly impossible for the victim as they are caught at ground zero as the twister forms.

-[Fuuton]+[Katon]+[Doton] - Must be formed before use and then slammed into the ground. The volcanic eruption is then much more violent, but then the wind element immediately cools the lava creating a scalding hot air current as the lava cools into a stone pillar. The victim is burned by the lava, pelted by rocks and other debris, burned internally due to inhaling the hot wind, and finally, is sealed inside of the newly formed stone pillar. Chances of survival; slim to none.

-[Fuuton]+[Katon]+[Raiton] - Must be combined before use. The Ultra-large, electrically charged, plasma making star shoots higher into the air than usual before exploding like a small nuke in the sky as it is struck by the lightning. this more powerful explosion then creates a more devestating AOE on the ground below and may increase the chance of natural tornadoes forming due to all the hot air that will be in the area due to the high amount of cooling plasma and possible wildfires.

-[Katon]+[Doton]+[Suiton] - Must be formed before use and slammed into the ground. Does the exact same thing as the [Fuuton]+[Katon]+[Doton] combo listed above, except with the possibility of drowning in scalding hot water instead of burning air before the victim is sealed in the stone pillar. If the user has the 1st hokage's genes, then the jutsu must be formed before use and can be delivered either traditionally or through the ground. The tree will be formed either way and begin sapping the victims chakra, stamina, and lifeforce. Once the tree is done however, it will burst into flames in a large explosion finishing the victim off.
-[Katon]+[Doton]+[Raiton] -

If anything is blank, it means that I will come back to finish these descriptions later; kinda getting tired from all that thinking and visualizing to come up with these. Lol! xD

Note: All jutsu on this list will absorb elements of the same type to get stronger if they are weaker, clash with them if they are equal, and be absorbed if they are stronger ("they" being the opposing jutsu).
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