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Fire Jutsu
« on: July 24, 2013, 07:51:39 pm »
Fire Release: Armor of Aries
Clan: N/A
Effect: This jutsu allows the user to set themselves on fire. They and their possessions are left unharmed, but anything else they touch (the ground, an enemy, anything that will burn or melt) becomes heated, and can quickly catch on fire or melt. Notably, this jutsu's name is a misnomer: it doesn't actually provide any armor or defense for the user.
Damage: Moderate damage every time the user is touched
Chakra Cost: 20

Fire Release: Dragon's Breath
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user releases a continuous stream of fire from their mouth, effectively becoming a human flamethrower. Though the jutsu is relatively short-ranged, it is deadly if it can be sustained on its target.
Damage: Moderate; serious to lethal if sustained
Chakra Cost: 20

Fire Release: Legacy of Leo
Clan: N/A
Effect: The jutsu will make a user bold and unafraid. This makes them immune to fear-inducing genjutsu, impossible to torture, and allows them to ignore fear completely. Interestingly, it also makes them and their possessions completely impervious to fire, no matter how hot or thick.
Damage: N/A
Chakra Cost: 20

Fire Release: Shot of Sagittarius
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user forms a flaming bow in one hand, and a dozen firey arrows in the other. These arrows can be fired from the bow at will, and being made of fire they are difficult to block. Once all of the arrows are fired, the bow disappears.
Damage: Each arrow inflicts moderate damage
Chakra Cost: 40

((Note: the three Zodiac jutsus should be incredibly rare. If you wish to use them, please ask me first and explain how you got them.))
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