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« on: August 02, 2013, 10:31:48 pm »
Clan Name: N/A
Village Orgination: N/A
What's Jutsu Mastery: water

(eye technique)
   Name: Tetroyugon
Clan: N/A
Effect: Users eyes become reflective like mirrors. the user vision gives everything has a beautiful glowing outline (like Hi Def and Blu Ray had a baby and put it on steroids). no person/place/thing has the same outline which makes it difficult to hide from the user. the user can mimic people physical attributes. looking into the tetroyugon sometimes causes people to look deep down inside them own selves usually revealing memories
Chakra: 15
Name: Killik Maneru
Age: 15
Gender: male

Bio: Killik does not know anything about his past. the farthest he can remember is him waking up five years ago in the waters of a lake. he traveled from land to land, village to village living in alleyways and fending for himself. he has now found himself in Konoha living atop a roof of a home
Personality: Killik is quiet and reserved at first but once he finds a friendly person he tends to open up to them. five years of fending for himself has him running close to primal. he is quick to latch on to anyone who accepts him as a friend. killik does not like to fight but does not like to see friends hurt even more.
Goals:none now
Rival:none now
Rank: Genin

Clan: Maneru
Dōjutsu: Tetroyugon

Jutsu:(Killik has not been taught any true jutsu, these jutsu are used on accident mostly)
Ten No Kagami- creates a mirror like shield that absorbs attacks and can send them back with twice the power( user loses however much chakra the opponents used for the attack)
Mirā noroi- user is able to mimic anothers physical attributes through look

Attack: 30
Defense: 50
Speed: 50
Stamina: 50
Weaponry: 0
Jutsu Strength: 50
Jutsu Control: 0
Chakra:230(same as stats)

Equipment: None

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