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Effect:Eye ability similar to the Byakugan. It includes penetrating vision, disrupting eye-based kekkei genkai, and a unique chakra particle extension. It has the ability to use his vision abilities to view inside short distance objects and view the outside world and perform genjutsu that can fool even the Byakugan. This ability does not appear to have the range of the Byakugan, but it actually has the ability to counter that Hyūga trait. Chosugon's  vision also lets the user locate and track others by sensing chakra, picking up chakra from long distances, and noticing changes in an individual's chakra. It is also able to sense how many individuals are present.

Chosugon's vision has heightened perception and analytical powers like the Sharingan, meaning the user can comprehend any details he sees to predict the opponent's next move. The user can also see one's life force. When activated, the user's eyes grow a bright teal.
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