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Chūjitsuna hito (Still fixing up)
« on: July 25, 2013, 09:42:58 pm »
                                                                          "People tend to take so many things for granted. That is why I am here to fix that problem."

Name: Chūjitsuna hito(True Blue)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Bio: Found by traveling merchants  at the age of 15 Chūjitsuna was brought to the land of iron to be  raised a samurai, but was cast out do to his unusual talent he possessed.
Chūjitsuna  was tired of the way they  mistreated him. So one day Chūjitsuna  slaughtered a neighboring village and left the land of iron. Chūjitsuna  set out traveling the lands killing all those who tried
to capture him. Chūjitsuna accepted his Reaper touch, and  now serves the Akatsuki. He is very loyal to the leader of the Akatsuki
Personality:Persistant, loyal, distant, has no faith in life.
Goals: Whatever the Akatsuki goal is(for now)
Rival:(may not have one yet or at all)
Village Abandoned:  A small village that resides in the Three wolves.
Reason For Abandonment: Killed innocent people
Assistance:Nero Yatara
JinchūrikiTarget:(when it happens if it happens)

Kekki Genkai: Shinigami no te (Reaper Hands)


Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user releases a huge volume of water from their mouth, creating a tidal wave. Though the wave can be easily rolled with to prevent damage, the real danger of the jutsu is in its ability to put the battlefield on the Water Release user's terms, by covering it in their own element.
Damage: Minimal, but it reshapes the battlefield by covering it in water
Chakra Cost: 25

Water Prison Technique
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user creates a sphere of water around the target, imprisoning them. Once caught, the victim is unable to move, but the water will allow them to breathe. The user must keep in contact with the sphere or it will disperse.
Damage: None, but the victim is effectively trapped
Chakra Cost: 15

Fire Release: Dragon's Breath
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user releases a continuous stream of fire from their mouth, effectively becoming a human flamethrower. Though the jutsu is relatively short-ranged, it is deadly if it can be sustained on its target.
Damage: Moderate; serious to lethal if sustained
Chakra Cost: 20

name: Spirit Clone
effect: Summon a spirit clone to attack the target.
damage:Only drains chakra
chakra cost: 10

name: Spirit Sword
effect: Summons one spirit that transforms into a sword
damage: Only drains chakra
chakra cost: 25

name: Spirit Shield
effect: Summons five spirits that protects the caster from ninjutsu and genjutsu.
chakra cost: Consumes 15 per 2 minutes.

name: Raging Spirit Dragon
effect: Summons spirits and combines them into a dragon.
damage: 45 Physical
chakra cost: 30

name:  Spirit Manipulation
effect: Summon past ancestor spirits to combine with the caster spirit. To form one giant spirit. (Body is vulnerable)
chakra cost: 100

kekki Genkai: Shinigami no te
This genkai can only be used by one person in the Nigma clan. This genkai curses the user. the user can never touch  a living thing without taking pieces of its soul. It is said that the wielder hand are always a gloomy blue.

name: Spirit Transfer
effect:Caster and opponent spirits are transferred to limbo
chakra cost: 100

name: Reaper scythe summon
Clan: Nigma
effect: (Can only be used in Limbo) Caster summons Grim reaper Scythe, and uses it to fight opponent. If the opponent is caught his soul is to stay in limbo forever. (Can only used once in each battle for 2 post)
chakra cost:  130

name: Song of the Spirits
effect: (Can only be used in Limbo) Spirits in limbo start to sing making the caster opponent dizzy, and confused. Allowing the caster an opening to strike.
chakra cost:150

name: Wraith of the reaper
effect:( Can only be used in Limbo) Caster  sacrifices his soul to summon the reaper. The caster souls is then fused with the reaper becoming one with him. The caster has seven post to deal with opponent before the
jutsu is gone. After the seven post(does not matter if opponent is dead or alive) the caster will  take the role as reaper, and do his job for all eternity.
chakra cost: All

name: Reapers Touch
effect: Caster  produce a  spirit wave. If opponent is hit his chakra is depleted along with not being able to move the part of his body, which was hit.
damage: Body and chakra
chakra cost: 120

Jutsu Strength: 50
Jutsu Control:50
Chakra:245(same as stats)

His reaper hands, set of special Kunai Knives, and a samurai sword.
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"People tend to take so many things for   granted. That is why I am here to fix that.

Name: Chūjitsuna hito(True Blue)
Age: 20
Gender: Male

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