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Reiki Namikaze

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Reiki Namikaze
« on: August 04, 2013, 08:09:49 pm »
Name: Reiki Namikaze




Bio: The grandson of Yukio Namikaze, he was born into a great family line. His parents taught him to be a great ninja at a young age, with the help of family friends. Although Yukio is his grandfather, he greatly resembles his GREAT-grandfather, Naruto. After Yukio's death, Reiki was raised more-so by his parents, with the help of Kenta. Kenta has always been like an uncle to Reiki, especially so because Reiki is holding the nine tails within him. During their training however, his parents were killed, leaving him an orphan. Training with Kenta has helped him gain almost full control over the Kyuubi, much to the beast's dismay. They talk constantly, but in battle, they almost act as one person. Kurama has helped him out of many situations where he would have died otherwise. He is currently training to become a sage.

Personality: Reiki is exuberant, brash, and inattentive. . However, whenever someone dear to him is in trouble or the situation calls for it, Reiki can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid.

Goals:To be a great ninja like his family line.


Village: Leaf(But will travel to other villages at will)


Sensei: Kenta

Teammates: N/A

Rank: Genin

Clan: Uzumaki

Dōjutsu: N/A


Body Flicker: 5
Shadow Clone: 5
Summoning Technique: Toads: 30
Rasengan: 10
Twin Rasengan: 20
Mini Rasenshuriken: 20
Negative Emotions Sensing: 0
Nine Tails Chakra Mode: 0
Planetary Rasengan: 50
Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique: 30
(Will add more later)

Jutsu Strength:20
Jutsu  Control:40
Chakra:275(same as stats)

Equipment: Kunai, Shuriken.

Bijuu Name: Kurama

Bijuu Look:

Nine Tails Chakra Mode:

Bijuu Jutsu: Chakra Arms: 0
Tailed Beast Ball: 20
Tailed Beast Rasengan: 40
Tailed Beast Telepathy
Tailed Beast Shockwave.
Name: Reiki Namikaze



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