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Nero Yatara
« on: July 28, 2013, 01:34:31 pm »
"Death does not hang over your shoulder today..........that is.....unless you beckon him further"

Name: Nero Yatara
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Bio: Nero has been deemed the new leader of the Akatsuki. nobody knows his motives as of now. he tends to stay in his room debating with himself and making strategies. Nero left his clan and village in the land of fire long ago. although he is not a ruhtless person he is not weak hearted either.
Personality: Calm and Calculating. he believes that Death is not a necessity but still is usually the primary option. when not thinking or planning he tends to head into villages and socialize. his mind works in very mysterious ways and many may question him in general
Goals: N/A
Village Abandoned: Konohagakure
Reason For Abandonment: was given an ultimatum. upon making his decision he fled the village
Assistance: Chūjitsuna hito
JinchūrikiTarget: All

Name: Kaishin Release
Clan: Yatara
Effect: the Yatara clan members are born with the unique trait of there Chakra constantly shifting( not limited to certain elemental jutsu and having a wide range even among kekkai genkai). The Yatara Clan also being Masters Of Taijutsu mixed the two together to create a style of Taijutsu called Henkan-Te. this form of Taijutsu was brought to life by taking the Hyugas Gentle Palm Style and Converting it to there liking.
damage: Varies
Chakra: None to Activate
Earth Release
Stone Palm 10 - hands cover in Stone giving the user more blunt force power.
Stone Palm Flying Fist 10 - Launches Stones around hands at opponent with extreme speed and power
Rock Splitter 15 - Smashes palm agasint ground, shattering the area around it and sending the stones flying outward.
Water Release
Haru no yoake 10 - covers hands in water giving the user more piercing and cutting power
Water Cannon 10 - Launches Water around hand, firing it like a cannon at opponent
Hydra formation 20- takes up a stance and swiftly swings hands in a radius around the body creating a water dome around the body from which hydra heads protrude and attack on command of user
Fire Release
Searing Palm 10 - Hand temperature rises to the point of burning upon touch
Dragons Rain 10 - launches items with thrusting attacks on which they catch fire(from touch)
Natsu no shōgo 20 - creates an incredibly intense air of heat around the body(within a small radius). uses the heated air for long range attacks and defense against physical attacks.
Wind Release
Hurricane Stance 10 - The air around the hands and feet whip and spin furiously at high speeds giving the user increased speed and diverting thrown items (due to random wind speed and direction)
Tornado Rush 15- rushes opponent during Hurricane Stance creating a large tornado around the body that protects against attacks and sends the opponent flying with blunt trauma
Mantis Typhoon 25 - creates a ball of wind in the hand and uses it like a rasengan or rasenshuriken. once it makes contact it explodes into a  pillar of wind that rips and tears with blades of chakra swirling within.
Lightning Release
Lightning Palm 5 - Covers hands in lightning causing shock damage
Lightning Spear/ Lightning Spear, heavens rain 15 - Lightning spear is lightning chakra focused into the shape of a javelin and tossed at high speed like a lightning strike. Heavens rain is a jolt of lighting sent into the sky causing thunderclouds to form and rain Lightning spears on the area
Volt Trail 30- using the chakra trail left by the  opponent(chakra trail is kinda like a scent) user sends bolts of electricity chasing after the target. these bolts are near inescapable.
Gale Release
Plasma Cutter 5 - hands become like lasers giving them the ability to slice and cut
Rail Gun 15 - clasps hands together and fires a concentrated beam of energy that can maneuver like laser circus
Flash Of Destruction 30 - body becomes pure energy and user blinks(like a flicker) in a straight line leaving a trail of exploding destruction following behind. this can only be used 3 times in succession
Explosion Release
Bursting Palm 10 - on contact user causes explosion from the hands
Delay 15 to 60 - on contact user changes opponents chakra to explosion release and turns them into a bomb that will go off with either a timer(which will appear on the targets stomach and countdown) or as a detonator(that user can set off at will). this technique does not harm the target though.

Attack: 70
Defense: 60
Speed: 90
Stamina: 70
Weaponry: 0
Jutsu Strength: 80
Jutsu Control: 80
Chakra:450(same as stats)

Equipment: sealing cards (for the tailed beast), shuriken, exploding tags
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"Death does not hang over your shoulder today..........that is.....unless you beckon him further"

Name: Nero Yatara
Age: 21
Gender: Male

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