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Kichiro Uzumaki
« on: July 25, 2013, 12:40:23 am »
Name: Kichiro Uzumaki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bio: Kichiro, as a member of the Uzumaki clan, comes from a family who went into hiding after the destruction of Uzushiogakure. His family, however, never let go of their clans heritage, passing down the seals and traditions. None were so important to this sect as the Death Gods Seal. They had turned the tradition into a coming of age ceremony as time passed. The wall of masks turned into a test, each first born selecting one from the wall when they came of age (10), attempting to earn the rights to learn the forbidden technique. Many tried, none succeded. That is, until Kichiro's turn came around. Meanwhile, the God became restless, his power building within the mask, entraged as this sect of the Uzumaki treated his power as a game! When Kichiro selected his mask and put it on, the power of the Death God enveloped him, controling him, and through him, the God unleashed his wrath upon the Uzumaki. When Kichiro came to, he was the only one left of his family. All others there for his ceremony had fallen cold and lifeless, their souls taken by the God.
Alone, confused, and scared, a young Kichiro, mask still in hand, ran in a panic to the nearby Konoha. There, he reported to the Hokage what he had seen, his family dead in the Mask Temple. The Hokage at the time tried to reasure the child that everything would be ok, but nothing could get through to him at this point. The experience caused the boy to withdraw into himself, keeping him from letting anyone else in.
Afew years later, the broken young man, with no family, no answers and no purpose for life became a drifter of sorts, traveling from village to village looking for a reason for living, though each time he drifted, lifes current always flowed back to the Leaf.
(Slightly better... not much but ill leave it.)
Personality: Quiet and distant to new people, but far more friendly once you break him out of his shell
Goals: Find a goal in life
Village: None permenent. Currently resides in Konoha.
Kage: ---
Team: None

Clan: Uzumaki
Sealing Jutsu (though technically others can learn them too.)
Deep chakra pool and the Uzumakis longevity (At this age basicly meaning hes hard to kill. :P)

Rassengan- dependant on size
Water Dragon-15
Water clones- 5 each
Mist jutsu-10
Whirlpool- 5
Demonic Phantom Fog Prison- 20
(Will add more)
Attack: 50
Defence: 75
Speed: 75
Stamina: 50
Weaponry: 25
Jutsu Strength: 50
Jutsu Control: 25
Chakra:350(same as stats)

Equipment: Kunai, Shurriken, Short Sword, Shinigami Mask
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Name: Kenta
Age: 100+ (looks early 20's)
Gender: Male

Bio: This ageless century walker Jinchuriki has watched the world before and after the last great war so long ago. Those he knew, and those hed left, all passed on and into memory. The only thing holding him together, and likely the reason for his longevity, is his connection with the Nibi. Thanks to her, he hasnt changed in over 100 years.
Personality: Easy going drifter with an immortal smile.
Goals: Keep drifting till either he or the world collapses.
Rival: Yuki (Deceased), Ando (Deceased)

Clan: Uchiha


Attack: 75
Defence: 50
Speed: 150
Stamina: 100
Weaponry: 75
Jutsu Strength: 100
Jutsu Control: 100

Equipment: Ebony Katana (black chakra-slash blade)
Nibi Jinchuriki

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