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« on: July 27, 2013, 07:51:38 pm »
Name: Jurojin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Bio: A collector of rare and powerful bloodlines, artifacts, and jutsu, Jurojin is the current leader of the Sound Village, and seems to be similar in desires to his predecessor, Orochimaru. Where he came from is veiled in mystery, causing some to speculate he may have been an Orochimaru experiment himself.
Personality: Jurojin is quite eccentric, and may remind one abit of his Predecessor. 
Goals: Gain power for reasons unknown
Village Abandoned: Unknown

Clan: Unknown
Dōjutsu: Unknown

Flying Thundergod Technique- 5
Rasengan- Dependant on size
Shadow Clone Jutsu- 2 each
Orochimarus Juinjutsu (Cursemark Jutsu)

Lightning- 5
Fireball- 8
Water tourent- 10
(Staff attacks are projectile based)

Flames- 10
Ice- 5
Lightning- 10
Earth Spikes- 15
(While the other 3 coat the blade in the elements, Earth Spikes rise spikes from the ground when slashed by the blade)

Wall of winds- 20
Ice Barrier- 15
Fire wall- 20

Attack: 50
Defence: 50
Speed: 75
Stamina: 50
Weaponry: 75
Jutsu Strength: 75
Jutsu Control: 75
Chakra:450(same as stats)

Equipment: Gem Staff (Right hand, Distance Jutsu), Silver blade (Right Hip, Close Combat), Emerald Charm (Left Hip, Defence Jutsu)
Name: Kenta
Age: 100+ (looks early 20's)
Gender: Male

Bio: This ageless century walker Jinchuriki has watched the world before and after the last great war so long ago. Those he knew, and those hed left, all passed on and into memory. The only thing holding him together, and likely the reason for his longevity, is his connection with the Nibi. Thanks to her, he hasnt changed in over 100 years.
Personality: Easy going drifter with an immortal smile.
Goals: Keep drifting till either he or the world collapses.
Rival: Yuki (Deceased), Ando (Deceased)

Clan: Uchiha


Attack: 75
Defence: 50
Speed: 150
Stamina: 100
Weaponry: 75
Jutsu Strength: 100
Jutsu Control: 100

Equipment: Ebony Katana (black chakra-slash blade)
Nibi Jinchuriki

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Re: Jurojin
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 11:34:01 am »
Wait. So is he akatsuki leader or sound leader
Name: Zero Keiichi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
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