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Doragon Ashimoto
« on: August 03, 2013, 01:03:26 pm »
Name:Doragon Ashimoto
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Bio: Born , and raise in the capital of Takigakure. Doragon was taught under the famous Whale sage, and was to become his successor. In a practice match taken to far between Doragon and his master. Doragon killed him, and was cast out. Doragon begged the council that it was a mistake, but they still shunned him., and labelled him a rogue. he had no choice but to flee. Doragon was soon faced by his parents. Ina fight to the death. He killed them both. Now Doragon resides within the Akatsuki hoping to destroy all of Takigakure. He is the last of the whale sages
Personality: Arrogant, Charming, Dreamer, fearless.
Goals: Wants to destroy Takigakure, and obtain Sasuke sword.
Village Abandoned: Takigakure
Reason For Abandonment: Killed master, and parents.
Leader: Nero
JinchūrikiTarget:(when it happens if it happens)
Teammates:(if your grouped with one)



Hidden Mist Technique
Clan: N/A
Effect: This jutsu creates a thick mist over the battlefield, blinding friend and foe. While it's useless against those who can find opponents by sound or smell, or have unique eyes like the Bakugan (though interestingly, the mist will block the Sharingan, due to being infused with the user's chakra), it can cripple most opponents
Damage: N/A
Chakra Cost: 10

Water Clone Technique
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user creates a clone of water. The clone is capable of fighting and using jutsus, but it only has access to a tenth of the user's chakra. If the clone is damaged, it will revert back to water.
Damage: N/A
Chakra Cost: 10

Water Prison Technique
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user creates a sphere of water around the target, imprisoning them. Once caught, the victim is unable to move, but the water will allow them to breathe. The user must keep in contact with the sphere or it will disperse.
Damage: None, but the victim is effectively trapped
Chakra Cost: 15

Water Release: Cleansing Hands
Clan: N/A
Effect: This is a simple jutsu used for the treatment of wounds. Water is formed over the user's hands, and running this water over a wound will quickly and efficiently cleanse it. Though not the original intended use, the water can also be used to clean anything else, from clothing to the body.
Damage: N/A
Chakra Cost: 5

Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user releases a huge volume of water from their mouth, creating a tidal wave. Though the wave can be easily rolled with to prevent damage, the real danger of the jutsu is in its ability to put the battlefield on the Water Release user's terms, by covering it in their own element.
Damage: Minimal, but it reshapes the battlefield by covering it in water
Chakra Cost: 25

Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Clan: N/A
Effect: This jutsu is an advanced form of the Exploding Water Colliding Wave. The water is used to form a dome instead of spreading over the battlefield. The dome is a hemisphere with a hundred meter radius, making it difficult to escape from, but without another jutsu the dome cannot move. Even so, the ability to put one's self and all of one's opponents underwater is a great advantage for any Water Release user.
Damage: Little, but anyone caught without some way to breathe underwater can be suffocated by the jutsu
Chakra Cost: 50

Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user raises a torrent of water from a nearby water source and uses it to pummel the target. This jutsu is usually used with water nearby; attempting to use it without a water source (at least a river) will cause the chakra cost to be doubled
Damage: Major, and can push an opponent a long distance back
Chakra Cost: 30

Water Release: Water Shark Bullet
Clan: N/A
Effect: The user creates a shark out of water, and hurls it at the opponent. The jutsu is dependant on speed and size to hit the opponent. This jutsu is extremely similar to the Water Dragon Bullet, but it cannot be controlled and does less damage.
Damage: Moderate
Chakra Cost: 15

name: Sage Art:  Water Field
Clan: Ashimoto
effect: Caster spits out an ocean of water to surround the area.( Will not vanish until caster sage jutsu runs out.)
name: Sage Art:  Water Bound
effect: If the opponent is in water at this time. He is  restricted to move. for 3 post.
chakra cost:100

name: Sage Art: Kimima Summon
effect: (water field)Summons a giant Whale named Kimima to fight alongside him.
chakra cost:50

name:Sage Art: Massive Water Bullet
effect:(water field)(Kimima must be summon first to use) Caster and Kimima both in hale a large amount of water. Spitting out a huge water bullet.
damage: 50
chakra cost:75

name:Sage Art: Water Tornado
effect: (water field)Summons a huge water tornado to damage, and drown the enemy.
chakra cost:40

name: Sage Art: Savage Waves
Clan: Ashimoto
effect: (water field) (water field must be preformed before) The waters gains momentum turning them into harsh blades that are swiftly sent to the opponent to cut them. This jutsu can become a one hit kill
chakra cost:50

name Sage Art:  Killer whales
Clan: Ashimoto
effect:(Water field) Summons 10 killer whales to eat the opponent(can only last 2 post)
damage: N/A ( can easily be dodged. Whale can  easily be cast in any eye jutsu)
chakra cost: 100

name: Sage Art: Killer Disintegration
Clan: Ashimoto
effect(Opponent most be in killer whale) Whales stomach is filled with so much acid it overflows the whale killing it and the opponent inside.
damage: Instant death ( can easily be dodged. Whale can  be cast in any eye jutsu)
chakra cost : 100

Jutsu Strength:30
Jutsu Control:30
Chakra:245(same as stats)

Equipment: Scrolls that have chakra sealed in them(10).
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"If a ninja can become a god. Then I want to become a whale"
Name:Doragon Ashimoto           
Age: 18
Gender: Male
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