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Daisuke Koroni
« on: August 04, 2013, 06:15:39 pm »
Name:Daisuke koroni
Age: 20
Gender: male
Look:very awesome but picture will follow as soon as a suitable has been found  :P

Bio: After his parents where killed and he was banished from his native lands, he had no choice but to travel with his brother and to start a carreer as mercenary. Live was hard and he was forced to train every day by his brother in all fields but especially in genjutsu and speed. After 14 years of traveling and training he was able to kill a man without feeling any remorse and he was able to use his clan's secret dōjutsu the gensou which makes him able to manipulate his victims with genjutsu and even cause physical harm. on the day of his 20th birthday his brother got an assignment to kill Daisuke and to burn his body. Daisuke however was able to defeat his brother and he mercillesly killed him. now he lives his live for vengeance to find the one who ordered his brother to kill him.

Personality: cold and cruel to his enemy's, does everything for money and is a fine companion to have around when you are not targeted.

Goals: To find out who killed his brother, money, money and more money
Village: Mercenary, belongs only to a village or group when the moneys right.

Clan: Koroni
gensou, gensou allows Daisuke to controle and destroy his opponents mind.

speed clone: using higspeed Daisuke creates clones so real that it's very hard to spot the real one: 0
speedstep: using highspeed Daisuke is able to run to a spot in a 50 meter radius in a blink of an eye: 0
gensou manipulation, being able to manipulate the opponent: 20
gensou mind destuct, destroying the mind, will do serious damage: 40
(all gensou skills require Daisuke to look his opponent in the eye)
wind blade, using his wind chacra, daisuke is able to infuse his blade with wind chacra: 10
air cutter(requires wind blade to be active), using his wind blade daisuke creates slices of air which can damage the enemy:15
summoning shadow demon, using his contract with the shadow demons in trade for his soul when he's dead, Daisuke will summon a shadow demon varying in size: realy smal (used for reconaisance) 1, the size of a todler 8, size of a adult bear 16, "oh my god that's big" big 50
waterdragon, using water chacra daisuke creates a water dragon damaging his target: 15
twin waterdragon, same as the waterdragon but twice as powerfull: 30
Attack: 20
Defence: 20
Jutsu Strength:40
Jutsu Control:50
Chakra:230(same as stats)

Equipment: the executioners sword
                   shuriken and kunai's
                   smoke bombs

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