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Alice Mizireal

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Alice Mizireal
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Name:Alice Mizireal
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: Female
Bio: Alice grew up in the sand village and was taught by Temari basic wind techneacs from her growing up. As a young girl she was a stand-offish girl that was always quiet. It wasnt that no one didnt want to talk to her, she was afriad of what people would think about her. As she grew Temari took her under her wing. Alice up and left one night against Temari's wishes to go search for her parent when a man from the sound village approched her with a choice: live or die. She asked to live and walked with him and the rest is history.
Personality: Cold hearted and ruthless to people when she first meet you but slowly opens up to those she can trust. Sometime she will kill for pleasure. When she trust a person, she is the kindest person you will ever meet and has a strong family value.
Goals: Find out what happened to her family.
Rival: none yet
Village: Sound Village
Kage:(depends on village)
Sensei:(chosen by them)
Teammates:(depends on sensei)
Rank: Genin


Dōjutsu:(depends on clan)


Weaponry: 30
Jutsu Strength:45
Jutsu Control:30
Chakra:230(same as stats)

Equipment: Temari's Iron fan and kuni to start off
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