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'Prince' Sato
« on: August 04, 2013, 03:51:24 am »
Name: Sato Shouta
Age: 16
Gender: male
Bio: As the great grandson of Orochimaru, Sato has always been treated with high regard by the people of sound. His family is very wealthy, some what of a royal family. He's always lived a life of luxury, but having not been sheltered from the world around him, he is well aware of the plight on his people. He became a ninja in order to help bring wealth back into his village. He's always had a prince complex, he want's to look like a prince, he wants to act like a prince, he over all wants to BE a prince
Personality: Generous, kind, eloquent, understanding, princely
Goals: He wishes to gain the image of a perfect prince
Rival: none
Village: Sound
Kage: Jurojin
Rank: Genin

Clan: none

Jutsu: (pending)

Attack: 35
Defence: 25
Weaponry: 30
Jutsu Strength: 18
Jutsu Control: 17

Equipment: an elegant rapier, bandages, food pills
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Name: Yuuryo Nagamori
Age: 14
Gender: Male

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